Outsourced Billing Solutions

Benefits Verification

Verify your clients benefits as quickly as possible so that you can begin working with them.

This is where the RCM process all starts and where our excellence in solution oriented service begins. Our expert team strives to minimize the time and effort it takes to verify a patient’s eligibility for treatment using cutting edge software from our industry leading technology partner.


  • Proprietary process for accurate representation of each potential client’s benefits
  • Reliable reporting on patient responsibilities, pre-certification and policy limitations and/or exclusions
  • Redundant benefit verifications process to ensure maximum accuracy
  • Free comparative verification of benefits stated between the insurance representative on the phone and online resources
  • Reporting on usual and customary rates per plan to assist with anticipated reimbursements per client


  • Training on how to interpret benefits effectively
  • Training for your admission staff on how to easily identify key benefit items to assist in admission decisions

Completion Time

  • 60 minutes or less completion time for each benefit verification

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We provide complete guidance and training for handling billing at your office.


We manage your existing billing while upgrading your services.


We customize billing solutions to streamline your processes.


We manage your entire billing process from VOB’s to payout.

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