Outsourced Billing Solutions

Technology Implementation

Determine the best ways to integrate and implement new technology with your existing systems.

Technology plays a crucial role in the revenue cycle of the behavioral health industry. Exponential advances in technology have given our industry the benefit of streamlining functions, minimizing process time, and erasing errors during the billing process.

Our team understands the importance of technological tools such as business intelligence, CRM, EMR, Accounting Software and interfaces, that are critical to the ultimate goal of increased cash flow at the lowest possible cost. Congress Billing can evaluate the effectiveness of these tools and determine the best way to integrate them with your existing management systems.

Members of our team have gained in-depth first hand experience with healthcare tech companies and leverages that knowledge to provide you with best in class advice and techniques when implementing technology into your revenue cycle structure.

Ex… BI Tools, CRM, EMR, Accounting Software, Interfaces, etc.

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We provide complete guidance and training for handling billing at your office.


We manage your existing billing while upgrading your services.


We customize billing solutions to streamline your processes.


We manage your entire billing process from VOB’s to payout.

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