In-house Billing

Bringing It in

It is inevitable that every Behavioral Healthcare provider at some point will have the thought of bringing their billing “In-House”. The main deterrent of that thought is fear. Fear that there will be a disruption in cash flow, fear that the person they hire to manage the billing will not be effective. With Congress Billing those fears are guaranteed to be annihilated!

We have converted more than half of a Billion dollars of Annual behavioral healthcare providers’ billed services to an In-House model and this is how we did it…

Talent Acquisition
Staff Training
Professional Development
Team Management

Enhancing Your In-House Team

You have taken the leap of faith and have brought your billing In-House. In your opinion, the person you hired to lead the billing team is doing a great job. But what standards are this “great job” based on? Behavioral healthcare providers can have limited knowledge of commercial insurance billing and as a result, the In-House billing team can cost healthcare providers hundreds of thousands, if not millions, in uncollected reimbursements due from the insurance companies.

Congress Billing is here to provide an accurate evaluation of your billing team’s performance. We have the most superior billing standards in the industry! These standards are used as a base to effectively evaluate your billing team’s ability to capture all reimbursements due from insurance carriers. Based on the results, we will identify the areas of deficiencies and provide the training needed to correct. Once we are involved in the strategies and implementations of your in-house billing operation your team will be capturing all amounts due from commercial carriers and there will be no monies left on the table.

Transitional Billing

Are you currently having cash flow or any other issues with your outsourced billing provider?

Do you want to transition your billing functions In-House?

Congress Billing has the solution with Transitional Billing. We manage your existing billing needs while we design and execute the road map to your optimal billing model.

The Congress Billing team is over qualified to manage your Outsourced, In-House billing models and everything in between. This gives us the unique ability to manage the migration process as you take control of your RCM so that you can maximize cash flows.

The continuity of your billing processes is of utmost importance. Glitches in your revenue cycle are likely to occur when moving from one ineffective billing provider to another. Our team will ensure that the ship remains on course despite the changing of the captain. We provide around the clock support to make the transition smooth and efficient.

We are there with you every step of the way!

Flex Billing

Your billing model should represent you!

We operate in an industry where billing models are limited to Outsourcing or In-House. What if you wanted something in-between? We are the only company that will cater to those unchartered waters of billing customization. We will assist you with identifying exactly what billing module would work best with your organizational structure and your leadership style.

Have you always wanted a senior member from your 3rd party billing provider to work onsite? Congress Billing will make that happen!

Our customized billing solutions will streamline your processes, improve cash flow and give your revenue cycle the most focused and efficient operating structure.

Outsourced Billing

Is your internal billing department overwhelmed and underperforming?

Do you feel like your 3rd party biller is doing a good job?

Congress Billing can help! With an experienced team of experts we will operate and manage your entire billing process starting from the the Verification of Benefits preadmission phase to claims submission, to Data Analytics, Actionable Data Reporting and much more!

Our highly trained team is cultured in the philosophy that your success is our success. In order to deliver on our guarantee of your success and more cash flow, we have expertly molded our team to perform at the highest levels, that set industry leading standards of excellence, at each stage of the billing process while maintaining fluid communication lines and transparency with you at all times.

Upgrade Your Billing & Collections

Let’s work together to upgrade your billing and collections so that you can move forward confident that your system is functioning at peak performance.