Outsourced Billing Solutions

Reimbursement Negotiation

Have us negotiate with the insurer on your behalf to maximize payments and complete them swiftly.

Our team is specially trained to negotiate with commercial payors. They have mastered the art of negotiating reimbursements to ensure you get reasonably compensated for your services rendered. The insurance companies are increasingly paying out less and it is our mandate to protect your cash flow. Our sole purpose is to maximize your cash flow and do what it takes to make the most money for you.

Maximum Collection. Maximum Satisfaction. Maximum Success. We win when YOU win! We are committed to ensuring that no claim is underpaid.

We Changed the Playing Field
so YOU can WIN


We provide complete guidance and training for handling billing at your office.


We manage your existing billing while upgrading your services.


We customize billing solutions to streamline your processes.


We manage your entire billing process from VOB’s to payout.

Let’s Supercharge your Cash Flow